Her Motions® | Flower Heat Cap

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Do you want to intensify treatments such as deep conditioning, pre-poos and protein treatments? A heat cap will give you that opportunity!

A heat cap is a must have in your hair care routine. It's a microwavable cap filled with flaxseed. The hair scales open due to the heat and the product can absorb better. You can use this cap while you are moving freely. Perfect for our busy life.

All of our heatcaps can be worn inside out.

Use our eco-friendly shower caps under the heat cap and and it can be used for a lot of years.

Material   Cotton, elastic, organic flax seed

Did you know? 
Our heat caps are hand made by the owners. From cutting the fabric, filling linseed and sewing it all together. This way we can deliver the best quality and you can be sure that the heat is distributed properly.