About me


My name is Lisa de Vries. Besides working as a nurse in the hospital, I founded Her Motions in 2018.

I'm the only one in my family who has curls. There was no one around me who could inform me about the right care of curls. Until high school I've walked around with dry and frizzy hair. During my school period, as a young ginger girl, I was bullied with it. Which resulted in me: being very unhappy with my hair. I wanted to get rid of my curls and tried to do this in every wrong way possible.

As I got older I found out about the CG method (or the Curly Girl Method). After a short while, I noticed that my hair soon got more definition and started to feel a lot healthier. By continuing to expand my knowledge in curly hair, and keep trying, my curls became more beautiful and beautiful. What made me happier and more confident with myself.



During the adventure to healthy and beautiful curls, I discovered how important accessories are besides basic hair care. After trying different products I couldn't find the perfect one. That's how I got the idea to make my own products. That's how the ball started to roll.

Over time, my products have had many adjustments, making them better and better. Which now leads to many satisfied customers. My goal is to expand Her Motions even more in different categories within (curly) hair care. 

To this day I am very happy with my lions mane and I would like to help as many curly-haired women as possible to also love their hair. I want let them experience how important accessories are in addition to her care.


     Much love,